• Mast Top Tuttle with Tilting Inserts

Mast Top Tuttle with Tilting Inserts

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Product Description

The Mast Top Tuttle enables to connect the F-ONE aluminium masts to boards featuring a Tuttle or Deep Tuttle box. It is made of aluminium 6061, CNC machined with high precision and fully anodized.The brass inserts are designed to accommodate a variety of screw angles so you can be sure it will match the board you are using and the flange offers extra support to withstand strong loads.


To connect the Mast Top Tuttle to the mast, slide the mast into the sleeve of the part and fasten using two M6x50mm cylindrical head screws. To connect the mast to the board, insert the tuttle head in the board, insert some screws of appropriate length (not supplied) from the deck and fasten until everything is tight.

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