F-One and Manera products are hands down some of the best out there. As with everything in life though sometimes things do go wrong! Rest assured we’re committed to looking after you and getting you back in action as soon as possible.

The manufacturer's warranty is valid for a period of 12 months from the point of purchase. It is limited and excludes other damages which have been caused because of neglect, inappropriate use, wear and tear, improper repair or changes and modifications. It also excludes consequential damages which arise other than on the products themselves.

This warranty is valid only when this product is used for normal recreation, and does not cover products used in rental or teaching operations.

When making a claim, please contact us for advice, at which point we'll discuss how best to get the products back to us for inspection.

If a product is deemed to be defective by us, the warranty covers the re-pairs or replacement of the defective item.

This warranty is only valid with proof of your purchase, indicating the purchase date and the name of the dealer (for example, a cashier receipt or an original invoice), together with the defective product.

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