"We are not involved in kiteboarding because it is trendy or fashionable… We are here because of passion."

F-One UK specialises in the distribution of Kitesurfing, Foiling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Surf Equipment. Our range is characterised by constant innovation, performance, accessibility and passion. Shop kites, twin tips, surfboards, SUPs, foils, Manera gear & more.

As a melting pot of people, we move forward at the pace of our common passion. Our offices are located 10min from the sea and being on the water as often as possible is a true necessity.

We are in direct contact with the field, listening to the feedback from the schools, distributors, retailers, pro-riders and locals. This diversity directly enriches the F-ONE range and enables us to anticipate as we always try feel ahead the coming trends as much as your expectations and needs.

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