• STAB DW 210 HM


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Product Description

This stabilizer will not only optimize your velocity but also your pumping efficiency and will help you keep your momentum.


  • Unmatched glide
  • Perfect for speed and downwind
  • Thin and optimized design for minimal drag
  • Efficient pumping


The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup used for this stab leads to even more rigidity and dependability that will propel you to incredible performances in each session.


The DW210 HM is best used with our EAGLE front wings to get the most speed and downwind performances out of your hydrofoil.

Technical Specification



The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup is 1.5x stiffer than the regular carbon fiber used in other constructions. The percentage of high modulus fiber has been carefully adjusted to obtain the best stiffness in both bending and torsion while keeping enough comfort for any kind of practice.



Surface: 210 cm²
Span: 43 mm
Aspect Ratio: 8.8
Weight: 0.13 kg

User Manual

Carbon Hydrofoil User Guide

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